Proprietorship Registration

All inclusive Fee Rs. 9,500 Only

Package Inclusion :

  • Free Advisory on Startup & Taxes
  • Shops & Establishment Registration
  • Bank A/c Opening Support
  • GST Registration
  • Professional Tax






No Registration Required

Proprietorship business cannot be registered as there is no provision of registering it in India. Hence you can start immediately.

No Foreign Funding

Proprietorship business cannot be funded with foreign money (No FDI). Proprietorship business can be established and run by Indians.

Tax Benefit

The business income of the proprietorship is included in the ITR of the proprietor, hence more tax saving in the financial year.

Easy to Start, Easy to Close

It can be Start immediately and there is no need to register it as such. Similarly, it can be closed without seeking any permission.

Proprietorship Registration Company Bangalore

To Start a Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration in Bangalore . No proprietorship registration is required as such, The registrations like Shops & Establishment, GST Registration are required as these are necessitated due to the activity which the proprietorship intends to do and is common to all forms of business, In Other words these registrations are needed by any form of business so it is also needed for proprietorship formation in bangalore. However to open a bank account in the name of business two entity proof is insisted by the Banker, Our Specialists shall be assisting you with these requirements based on the geographical location of the business. A proprietor secures the capital, establishes and operates the business, assumes all the risks, hence accepts all the profits and losses, and pays all the taxes Proprietorship Firm Registration company in bangalore. There is no separate pan card needed in the name of the business, the pan card of proprietor is also considered as the pan card of the firm proprietorship registration procedure in bangalore. The return of Income Tax and payment of taxes is also done by the proprietor only.

Licenses Or Registration for your business

  • Obtain Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN).
  • Shops & Establishment Registration.
  • Registration with Professional Tax Department within 30 Days.
  • Import Export Code (IEC) from DGFT in India.
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) Registration.
  • Trademark Registration of Business Name, Brand and Domain Name.

Proprietorship Registration Procedure

Selection of Name

As stated earlier there is no need to register a proprietorship firm in India. However, the name of firm should be cross-checked with the trademark registry to avoid any infringement or passing off the others Trademark or brand name.

TAN Number Allotment

Every Business is required to comply with the provisions of Tax deduction at source, to make payment of the collected TDS and file the TDS return, TAN number is needed. TAN is a unique number allotted by the Income Tax Department.

UDYOG Aadhar

Udyog Aadhar Number enables a unit/entrepreneur to seek online services being offered by all the ministries and departments of the government of India. It replaces the old method of registration of MSME by filing EM-I / II.

Shops & Establishment Registration

Every shop or commercial establishment is required to get itself registered with the labour department of the state government. The application for registration must be filed within 30 days of starting a business in India.

Open a Bank A/c

To transact the business, a proprietorship concern must open a current account in the name of the proprietorship firm. For this, you should approach any scheduled bank for assistance or call us.


Advisory on Starting a Business
Shops & Establishment Registration
Bank A/c opening Support
GST Registration
Professional Tax
Book Now
Advisory on Starting a Business
Shops & Establishment Registration
Bank A/c opening Support
GST Registration
Professional Tax
Book Now
Advisory on Starting a Business
Shops & Establishment Registration
Bank A/c opening Support
GST Registration
Professional Tax
Book Now

Advantage of Proprietorship Firm

Easy to Start

Sole Proprietorship Registration and its proprietorship business can be started at will and it does not require any formal registration as such. However there are certain registrations which are common to all other forms of business which also applies on the proprietorship like Shops & Establishment Registration, Fastest Proprietorship Firm, Professional Tax Registration, GST etc. The cost of setting up a proprietorship is comparatively low.


The proprietorship business should maintain proper books of accounts and at the end of the financial year prepare a balance sheet and profit and loss account. Sole Proprietorship Registration in India, The taxable income of the business shall be added to the Income of proprietor, and he shall discharge all tax liabilities of the proprietorship business and file information in his Income Tax Return before 31st July in the year following after the financial year.

Capacity to Sue and to be Sued

A Proprietorship can be started by its owner with a separate name which over a period of time acquired goodwill and value. While deciding a name the care should be exercised to check if it conflict with other trademark. TaxYoga specialists (Online Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration) shall be providing you with free consultancy on Name Check and how to protect Business Name, its Logo, Punch line etc.

Decision Making

As proprietor is the person who controls the business without any interference and there is no separation of ownership and control. Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration in Bangalore The decision making in case of proprietorship is relatively a fast process in comparison to that of private Limited company, Limited Liability partnership (LLP), Partnership where the management and control rests with separate body of individuals.

Less Paperwork

With the ease of establish a proprietorship which can be created at the will of its owner the paperwork and other formalities are less in comparison to corporations. However, Sole Proprietorship Registration Online In India the sole proprietors will still need to comply with licensing and other registration requirements in the states in which they are doing business, as well as local regulations and municipal level regulations.

Time is on your side

As stated earlier the proprietor is every thing in the proprietorship business, he do not have to consult or report to any other person. The proprietor has all the time on his part, which he can utilize as per his wish. Register a proprietorship Firm Bangalore At the same time the business continuance also depends on the comfort level of the proprietor. A sole proprietorship business can be passed down to the owner’s heirs.

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