Trademark Registration

  • Guidance and Professional Advice.
  • Search at Government Website.
  • Classification of Trademark.
  • Drafting of User Affidavit.
  • Preparation and Filing of Trademark Application.





Benefits of Trademark Registration

Protect Valuable Brand

Registration of a trademark is the only way to protect and enforce the value of the brand, business name, logo, domain name or slogan of your business/products.

Primafacie Ownership Right

Registration confers exclusive ownership right to the applicant of trademark, and the certificate of registration is Prima-facie evidence of ownership of TM.

Valuable Business Asset

An important asset for any business and is valued and shown as goodwill generated by the firm. A trademark can be traded by in the form of license or assignment.

Infringement Action

Owner of a registered TM can institute a case of infringement against an unauthorised use & courts normally grant the injunction against misuse.

Trademark Registration

A trademark is a unique mark or sign that is used to represent a business trading in goods or services best trademark registration company in Bangalore. It is used to distinctively identify a business from another and build its credibility among consumers trademark registration process bangalore. If one does not register brand name, logo or trademark then he/she can not stop an imitator from confusing the public by using same or similarly deceptive name or mark that results in financial and economic loss of a business in long term trademark registration goods and services bangalore. Taxyoga has a dedicated team of trademark registration specialists that helps in providing trademark registration, Logo registration and Brand Name registration services nationally and internationally as well trademark registration firm Bangalore.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration

  • Trademark Questionnaire to be filled with complete details and correct disclosure.
  • Trademark Authorisation Form (TM-48) to be signed and notarized on Rs. 100 non-judicial stamp paper.
  • Soft Copy of Logo or Device Mark in JPEG Format (Less than 2 MB in size).
  • In case the applicant is a startup or a MSME, they must furnish the certificate to that effect.
  • In case of partnership firm being applicant, furnish details of all partners.
  • In case the applicant is a society or trust then furnish details of all office bearers.

Process of Trademark Registration

Trademark Search

Trade Mark register is open for public to inspect, nowadays it is available online at . As the trademark registration can be done in several classes it is advisable to do a thorough search in all possible classes, we strongly recommend an attorney report for trademark search.

Documentation for TM Filing

The TM application can be filed with our assistance, However we shall need a written authorization in prescribed format (Form – TM-M) this document is in the nature of power of attorney hence it should be printed on Rs. 100 non judicial stamp paper and should also be notarized.

Filing of TM Application

The Partnership Agreement is the constitution of the firm which determines the relationship of partners among themselves as well as the relation of partners vis a vis firm. The agreement also lays down the methods of admitting a new partner or for removal of partner. The capital, Interest on Capital, Partners Salary, and profit sharing ratio are some of the predominant items in the agreement which need to be carefully drafted.

Review By TM Office

After the application is filed the applicant can start using TM mark over the trademark. Once the TM application is filed and a receipt is generated the application is categorized as a new application, the trademark department reviews the application and if found complete in all respect the application is marked for examination otherwise a clarification may be sought.

Trademark Examination

Examination of application is done by the examiners of TM and if found appropriate the application is advertised in trademark journal. However the application may be processed as objected either under absolute grounds for refusal and/or relative grounds for refusal as prescribed in The Trademarks Act, 1999. And an examination report is issued accordingly.

Registration Certificate

After three months of the publication of the trademark in the Trade Marks Journal, the application is processed provided there is no third party opposition to it. Trademarks Registry will accordingly issue a registration certificate. Term of Trademark Registration Trademark protection in India is perpetual subject to renewal of the registration after every 10 years.

Advantage of Trademark Registration | Brand Name Registration | Logo Registration

Legal Protection

Registration of trademark confers exclusive right on the owner of the Trademark to use it exclusively or to allow some other person to use the same at a price. For any unauthorized use of trademark infringement proceeding may be initiated against the wrong doer.

Creation of An Asset

Trademark is considered as an intellectual property rights which is in the nature of an asset having pecuniary value. It can be sold or licensed for further generation of funds. By registering a trademark thus the owner creates an asset having value.

Global Trademark Registration

With the ratification of Madrid Convention, Now we can file trademark application in other countries from India, thus the registered trademark can be protected globally. However for all countries a separate fee is required while filing the International TM application.

Unique Identity

Trademark gives a unique identity to the brand, product or the business name. After it gets registered the competitors can not copy or use your brand or logo. The uniqueness must be claimed at the earliest and before any one else does it.

Trust or Goodwill

The trademark refers to a mark which traces its origin to the producer, manufacture or service provider of the good /services. Over a period of time the brand acquires a reputation which we commonly say as goodwill or trust towards the brand in public.

Affix (R) over the Trademark

The owners of the registered trademark can affix a symbol (R) over their trademark, which is a notice to the public that the mark is owned by some one and the any copying shall mean an infringement and appropriate action shall be taken.

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